In this newsletter, I share lessons and insights to help you build a successful professional services firm and a whole lot of what NOT to do. I’ve made a million mistakes yet lived to see another day. So can you!

Most of my ramblings kick the status quo to the curb. Why? Because the average professional firm is mired in conventional dogma that hinders growth and leads straight down a winding road to mediocrity.

I love to look outside the industry for inspiration and offer new formulas for approaching the art of business building. Much of what I share is unconventional and flies in the face of “best practices” from the past several decades.

It's time to remember customers and capture more of the value you help create. Whoever said “business is war” was smoking crack. It assumes scarcity and I’m an optimist. There IS such a thing as win-win and that is where I focus my time.

What’s in each email?

To quote Sah Kilic, “Not spam. Because if you’re eating ‘meat’ from a can, we need to have an intervention.” I couldn’t agree more!

  • An assumed baseline of industry knowledge. You own or manage a professional services firm. Or you’re starting one. You know your craft, but running a business may be mysterious or counter-intuitive at times.

  • An accounting of hard-won lessons from growing my first firm. I started a firm and grew it to $10MM in annual revenue before selling it five years later. It was a roller-coaster ride and I learned a boatload.

  • A bunch of links to things I feel are relevant. This will most definitely be my latest and greatest Medium posts as well as resources, books, and products that catch my attention. I’ll even throw in lessons from better people (not a high bar).

  • An unapologetic tone riddled with opinions. I’m not going to hide my opinions in neutral-sounding prose. I’m going to tell you what I think and make arguments while ensuring you have the facts to make up your own mind.

  • A lame attempt at humor. That sound you just heard - that’s my kids groaning wherever they are right now. My jokes or witty banter is almost certainly poorly conceived. I promise.

I want to create a sense of community. I definitely don’t have all the answers. Very far from it. In my ideal world, you would ask me questions, I would share what I know, and another subscriber would add their spin as well. Everyone grows.

I’m not going to paywall articles in the early days so a paid subscription on your part is an act of goodwill and an indication that you think I’m adding value.

I look forward to this new adventure. I hope you’ll come with me. Please email me what you’d like to see discussed. Or DM me on LinkedIn or Twitter.