Issue #2 - Management as an Art

There are a ton of books written on management. Most are garbage and focus on over-complicating the subject to make a quick buck.

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I’ve spent much of the past two years thinking about business — specifically, about what I’ve learned over my career and what I learned from the business I sold in 2018 after 5 years on that rollercoaster of an adventure.

In doing so, I thought about management. There are so many people aspiring to the ranks of management and almost as many books on the subject. Yet management is so misunderstood.

Many of the books seek to describe it as a science, with data backing up their arguments. They aren’t wrong, but they definitely fail to see something that was obvious to me early on.

Management is more ART than science.

Great management requires practice and judgment. Those lend themselves to “art” more so than “science”. If you just needed to memorize theory and statistics then why are there so few great managers?

With that train of thought, I worked out three concepts that have formed the basis of my management style for the past two decades.

The Art of Management: 3 Tips for Becoming a Super Effect Manager

And I almost didn’t publish it.

I wrote the article in just a couple of hours. The words literally flowed from me with minimal effort. But then, that little voice began to boom in my head — trying to tell me it was garbage and that I had no business pushing my ideas.

Plus, it’s supposed to take effort to write a post. How well-received could a post that I banged out in a couple of hours truly be?

But I did it anyway and my Medium audience jumped all over it. Hacker News also seemed to love it for a few hours before moving onto the next shiny object.

While I can’t find all the sources, it has also been shared numerous times on both Twitter and LinkedIn. Medium even translated into Spanish as well. There may be more translations, but I haven’t seen any specific evidence so far.

I’ve actually read about this situation before. While researching how to write on Medium, I stumbled upon several authors that shared similar stories. They would typically spend a ton of time on posts and sometimes receive few views or reads. Yet when they wrote something quickly (perhaps with passion or unique experience) those posts would go on to be their most prolific pieces. Counterintuitive for sure.

Well, I guess I have found mine. It’s an honor and I hope it helps a ton of people!

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Casey Winans

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