Issue #7 - I'm an employee again?

A new year and a new plan - working for someone I respect. And a few articles on strategies for marketing your service business.

So, I've decided to take a job. Weird, right?! That's something I never thought I'd say again after the past couple of decades running my own businesses.

But I have immense respect for the owner and can clearly see where I’ll add value. The role lines up with what I've preached for the past several years and now I get to do it from within a company instead of recommending strategies from the outside.

What does that mean for my clients? Very little. Most of my client base hunkered down during 2020, which meant we were on pause already. When I take on new clients again, it will only be for a select few that truly value my contrarian perspective.

I'll also continue to publish this newsletter and write about my (mis)adventures in business. I will also continue to mentor (free) and advise (paid) startup businesses. These opportunities provide a critical outlet for my creativity and curiosity.

No issue next week. Look for issue #8 on Tuesday, January 5th, 2021. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Stay safe and reflect on the good that you’ve done and seen in 2020.

Until next time,
Casey Winans

Don’t Neglect Your Marketing Efforts

1) Let’s Talk About Giving It All Away For Free

It doesn’t pay to be a knowledge scrooge. Felicia Sullivan, one of my favorite marketing gurus, shares her philosophy on sharing expertise:

Don’t hoard your knowledge. Don’t be stingy with your expertise and experience. Don’t operate from a fear mindset. You want prospective clients to think: Wow! If he/she/they are giving all of the good stuff away for free, what do I get when I pay them?

2) How to Use a Product Funnel to Grow Your Service Business

Andrew Holliday, another marketing savant that I admire, shares his strategy for reeling in new customers with a system wrapped up in a funnel.

A product funnel is similar to a marketing funnel in how it works. Marketing funnels are intended to take prospects from awareness to purchase. Product funnels are intended to take a client from hook product to retainer. Both provide a manicured trail for your clients to follow toward their goals.

3) [YOUR COMPANY] In 100 Words

How Warby Parker uses its product to make its story stick. A clever method to tell their story and shrink it to 100 words. The basic message appears everywhere in their marketing. You owe it to your business to take a page from their playbook and distill your brand story into something lean and mean.

The Jenga test…

What’s the one value, that if removed, would make the entire story fall apart? Until you get there, keep cutting.

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